Modular Manufacturing

If you’re not happy with your current method of manufacturing or production, you might want to consider modular manufacturing.

Although modular manufacturing has been around for a while, most companies have never heard of it. However, with industries facing numerous challenges such as regulatory requirements, shifting commodity prices, and calls for customer customization, modular manufacturing could be a great alternative to your current manufacturing method.

Modular manufacturing not only streamlines operations but also reduces costs by reducing the diversity of parts in a product range. No matter the scope of your project, with modular manufacturing, you can break down your manufacturing process into functional building blocks.

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What is Modular Manufacturing?

Modular manufacturing is the process of constructing modules off-site and then assembling them at a single building site. This approach allows you to create opportunities to simplify, standardize, verify, and reuse designs or modules.

Generally, the modules are portable, self-contained units that can be rearranged or stacked in different formations to add or form entire machines, plants, or equipment. Modular manufacturing allows everybody in the assembly line to complete their job quickly and efficiently.

Think of modular manufacturing as a puzzle. Each module that is constructed will fit perfectly with the rest, allowing a whole product to be completed at the end of the process. It keeps everybody on the same page and ensures that everyone knows exactly what their piece of the puzzle is.

That’s where we come in. As a leader in custom metal fabrication, we can machine, manufacture, and fabricate parts to keep your assembly line moving. Our craftsmen have experience in modular manufacturing and can fabricate and assemble modules to your specifications to meet the unique stresses of your project.

Working with designers, engineers and end users, our team has brought together a number of modular manufacturing solutions in our facility.

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How Can Modular Manufacturing Help?

Greater Product Output

Modular manufacturing simplifies the building process, helping to create products at a quicker rate. Since each department in the assembly line focuses on the completion of their modules, they can maintain quality and industrial standards.

This increases their efficiency and productivity as they only have to work on the task at hand and not the entire product, completing the building process on time. Additionally, modular fabricators have access to modern equipment and machines like CNC that have fast cutting speeds, which increases product output.

More Cost-Effective

Modular manufacturing is more cost-effective when compared to other manufacturing methods as it keeps your project timeline short by increasing product output. This results in lower labor and operational costs.

>Modular manufacturing also does not interrupt or shut down any pre-existing operations in your production line because separate groups can develop different modules at the same time. This way, you can reduce overall time-to-market for a product, which maximizes revenue.

And, as the modular process becomes more efficient, you’ll save money by increasing output in the same amount of time.

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Do you need modular fabrication services to keep your product line moving? If so, Evansville Sheet Metal Works can help. We offer a wide range of fabrication services, including laser cutting, welding, CNC punching, machining, and custom metal fabrication so that you can get exactly what you want.

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