Dynamic Waterjet Cutting

Dynamic waterjet cutting is the next generation of waterjet technology that compensates for the lag and tamper of the water stream, and can be used to cut through a whole range of different materials.

At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, we specialize in a wide range of cutting and metalworks services. Dynamic waterjet cutting is an incredibly effective and powerful way to bring designs to life. This unique process offers a range of benefits that other cutting technologies simply can’t deliver on, allowing us to provide even more services to our client base.

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Benefits of Our Dynamic Waterjet Cutting Services

Accurate and Efficient

Dynamic waterjet cutting is an accurate and easy process, allowing for the efficient cutting of materials – whether you’re only looking to cut a single piece or hundreds of materials. Unlike processes that use heat, waterjet-cut parts can be nested extremely close together on a sheet to maximize the utilization of expensive materials.

Available to Use with Many Materials

Cutting using this method is highly versatile, from stainless steel and aluminum to plastics and stone. Given sufficient time, the waterjet can cut through almost any material and thickness!

Dynamic Waterjet Cutting

All waterjets exhibit stream lag and taper when cutting through material. Our Dynamic Waterjet uses active tolerance control to compensate for these errors. It produces more accurate parts at significantly higher cut speeds than parts cut with a standard waterjet. Using advanced mathematical cutting models, it controls an articulated wrist to automatically tilt, compensating for the stream lag and taper.

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How Does Waterjet Cutting Work?

Waterjet cutting works as you might expect it to from the name. The highly pressurized water is mixed with an abrasive, sand-like material and directed in a stream onto your material choice, wearing it down quickly to achieve a clean and highly precise cut. The water is so pressurized it acts like a beam, similar to plasma or laser cutting – but without any heat.

Industries That We Work With

At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, we enjoy constantly developing our skills and understanding to offer our services to diverse industries. Our expert services are as flexible and versatile as our clients need them to be, and we’re experienced at adapting what we do to new fields and projects. Our equipment and experience are specific to each trade, allowing us to service just about any industry.

While we are specialized and have a great deal of experience in specific industries, our transferable skills make us just as suitable for work beyond those fields. Whether you’re considering waterjet cutting for an upcoming project or you’re curious about our past experience, we’re up to the challenge of working across new industries.

Industries we’ve worked with in the past include:

  • Automotive
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Arts and Architecture

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Are you in need of dynamic waterjet cutting services? Get in touch with our professional team today to discuss how we could be the ideal choice for your business needs. Our 70 years of experience across numerous industries – and our reputation for providing exceptional quality work – is the assurance your upcoming project needs.

Whether you’re just interested in our services for waterjet cutting or looking for a service that can do more, let us know what you’re looking for, and we will do our best to help.

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  • ESMW supplies great materials with wonderful workmanship at competitive prices on a timely basis. I’ve purchased from them for years.

  • We’ve worked with Ken Woehler on several projects for a couple years now. Great dude. He gets stuff done, and he doesn’t mess around . . . not afraid to take on new unusual projects either. Thanks Ken!

  • Fantastic! Ordered on Wednesday. Arrived the following Tuesday as promised. Very happy with items (aluminum sheets cut to order).