Laser Cutting

Do you need to cut different materials for industrial or other applications? If so, laser cutting is your best choice.Today, not many metal fabrication processes can hold up to the standards of laser cutting. That’s because laser cutting machines can cut high-quality parts at fast speeds, especially in the case of complex parts.

Perhaps the most common form of metal cutting and fabrication, laser cutting, has stood the test of time as an effective, efficient, and cost-effective way to cut metals and other materials. This includes plastics, paper, wood, leather, and cardboard.

Due to its versatility, laser cutting ensures you can get exactly what you want for your application. And, with modern laser cutting machines, you can have different types of metals cut – thick and thin – with utmost precision. No matter the scope of your project, with laser cutting, you can create custom parts unique to your industry.


At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, we provide quality laser cutting services to clients in various industries, such as aerospace and automotive.

With our custom part laser cutting services, you can quickly and economically create intricate designs that are too complex to make by hand.

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How Does Laser Cutting Work?

Laser cutting works by using a high-powered laser and shooting it towards the material that you’re carving and cutting. The process is very accurate, and the laser beam is strong enough to effectively go all the way through the materials.

Initially, the laser beam pierces the material with a hole at the edge, before running over the material melting away to leave a high-quality surface finish. Fiber optics or mirrors focus the laser beam on the work area (material) through a lens that intensifies it.

Laser cutting machines are combined with CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines so that the laser beam follows a CNC code to melt, burn, vaporize, or be blown by a jet of gas. This allows for detailed and precise cuts.

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Benefits of Using a Laser Cutter

1. Very accurate cutting

When you want prototypes or end-use parts for your project, accuracy is vital. Accuracy ensures that you’re getting a part that matches your initial design.

2. Complete control over the process

Compared to other metal fabrication processes, laser cutting is the only one that offers complete control over the cutting process. From controlling the laser beam intensity and length to controlling the heat output, we can ensure your part is cut to your specifications.

3. Works through thick metals and materials

Modern laser cutting machines can cut or trim thick metals and materials without compromising on quality. On average, these machines can laser cut materials of up to 1 inch thick.

However, it’s essential to note that the maximum thickness varies depending on the expertise of the machine operator, the laser cutting service, and the power of the laser. That’s why you need to hire an expert like us for the utmost precision.

4. Accurate and repeatable

Laser cutting machines are highly automated, and once we create a template or design of your product, we can cut several parts that are replicas of each other.

Evansville Sheet Metal Works is the Leader in Laser Cutting Services

Evansville Sheet Metal Works offers a wide variety of metal cutting and fabrication methods, including laser cutting services. Regardless of your industry, we can cut materials to meet your expectations. And, even if laser cutting isn’t for you, we offer a number of alternate options that could be of more interest to you. All you have to do is give us a call.

Our goal is to offer complete customer satisfaction with the highest level of service. Whatever project you have in mind, we have a fabrication method that will bring your vision to life.

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Laser cutting offers the highest level of accuracy and precision for your parts. If you need custom metal parts fabricated for your project, contact Evansville Sheet Metal Works today. Our technicians are happy to fabricate metal parts to your specifications and requirements.

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