Plastic Industry Services

At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, many of the services we offer support plastics manufacturers. As such, we consider it important to have a thorough understanding of how metalworks and plastics industries align.

For more than 50 years, we have worked with many plastics compounders to help improve their processes and equipment.

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Types of Plastic Manufacturers We Serve


Compounding is the process in which two or more plastics are combined together to create a single design or product. This versatile form of fabrication is an excellent way to produce fabricated materials or objects for a specific purpose or function that would otherwise not work through other fabrication methods.


Molding refers to a process in which plastic is shaped and formed into a specific design or final appearance, often completed through the application of heat. In most cases, the uniform molds for this kind of fabrication are created from heat-proof materials or metals, allowing a specific design to be created over and over again as needed.

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How Can Evansville Sheet Metal Works Help Your Company?

We specialize in providing a professional, expert service to our clients at Evansville Sheet Metal Works. We understand the importance of quality products and manufacturing uptime, and we strive to complete every project promptly to ensure the best possible results.

With expertise across a wide range of industries, from automotive to pharmaceutical and construction to architecture, we’re able to adapt to suit our clients’ needs and provide them with exemplary results on time, every time.

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  • ESMW supplies great materials with wonderful workmanship at competitive prices on a timely basis. I’ve purchased from them for years.

  • We’ve worked with Ken Woehler on several projects for a couple years now. Great dude. He gets stuff done, and he doesn’t mess around . . . not afraid to take on new unusual projects either. Thanks Ken!

  • Fantastic! Ordered on Wednesday. Arrived the following Tuesday as promised. Very happy with items (aluminum sheets cut to order).