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If you’re looking to produce complex parts or prototypes, machining is best suited for your project. Why is that? When other fabrication methods are used to get the same results, they’re usually the cheaper alternative. However, they can’t compare to the capabilities machining offers when producing complex parts.

So, let’s take a more in-depth look into machining and why you should consider it to produce quality parts for your projects.

How Does Machining Work?

Machining is a popular fabrication method for projects of all sizes. It uses a rotary cutter to drill downward into the material that it’s cutting, producing parts in the desired shape. Usually, the machining process comprises a few different operations, depending on the shape of the final product and the state of the raw piece.

Since machine tools are tools for chip removal, they help to cut away all materials that are unwanted, leading to a precise finish. When creating a finished part from a block of material, the first operations use large tools to quickly carve away the material, fastening the machining process.

Machine tools can also be used as a complementary fabrication method to a material that has already been altered. For instance, this can include adding threaded holes or slots to a fabricated material.

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Benefits Provided by Machining Services

1. Eliminate excess materials

If you have a part fabricated with excess material, using traditional cutting processes to get rid of them may not be the right move. They may not impart the desired finish, or they can cut away too much, rendering the final product useless. Luckily, machining eliminates excess material with precision to produce high-quality products.

2. Very strong and can go through thick materials

Compared to other fabrication processes, machining can cut or drill through thick metals and materials of up to 50 mm, including aluminum and stainless steels. Machining tools use single-point cutting tools that penetrate thicker materials at high speed for utmost accuracy.

3. Can be complementary to already altered materials

If you have a fabricated prototype that needs modifications, machining processes are your best choice. Since machine tools are capable of drilling parts, they can be used to make alterations such as threaded holes or radial corners to meet your requirements.

4. Accuracy and repeatable production

Most modern machine tools use CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled), a program that uses coded instruction to automate the cutting process, forming a material into the dimensions and shapes required. With CNC, you have the peace of mind of knowing your parts are cut to your specifications.

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Evansville Sheet Metal Works is a leader in the metal fabrication industry with over 70 years of experience in machining, designing, and manufacturing metal parts. Our craftsmen are skilled operators, and they are experts in fabrication, which ensures rapid, quality production and quick turnarounds.

Using advanced machining technologies, we strive to create parts ranging from highly complex prototypes to functional, end-use parts. Consider us your one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs, regardless of your industry.

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