Pharmaceutical Industry Services

In today’s pharmaceutical industry, quality equipment matters. Not only does quality equipment reduce long-term maintenance costs, but it also minimizes production interruptions to ensure customer satisfaction. That’s why you need to select a pharmaceutical fabrication company that offers high-precision solutions to meet the stringent guidelines in the pharmaceutical industry.

At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, we offer fully integrated pharmaceutical fabrication services. We understand that the pharmaceutical industry requires rigorous testing to ensure compliance and to meet the industry’s safety standards.

Using our experience in custom metal fabrication and state-of-the-art technology, we help design, machine, and manufacture solutions suited for the pharmaceutical industry. We can start with whatever you have, whether it is a rough sketch or a design ready for fabrication.

When it comes to pharmaceutical fabrication, we have a proven track record of producing pharmaceutical-grade solutions that meet the high standards of international medical companies.

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical industry requires precise fabrication, exacting tolerances, and adherence to rigid standards. Because of this, our clients rely on Evansville Sheet Metal Works to provide high-quality pharmaceutical fabrication services.

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Pharmaceutical Fabrication Process

Our pharmaceutical fabrication process is streamlined so that your project is completed on time and within your budget. First, our clients come to us with an idea of what they want. Our fabricators can help you with the design, but if you already have one, we’ll begin the fabrication process.

Our team then cuts and fabricates the metals as per the request of the client to meet specifications. Finally, we complete the assembly and then deliver the system to the client.

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Additional Fabrication Services We Offer

Evansville Sheet Metal Works offers a number of different material fabrication services in order to cover all of the bases for what our customers might be looking for.

We offer the following services:

Custom Metal Fabrication

When you need metal items unique to your project, Evansville Sheet Metal Works can help. We can cut, bend, weld, or roll various types of metal, including stainless steel and aluminum, to your specifications.

Custom Certified Welding

No matter the scope of your project, our experienced certified welders can weld different types of materials for a wide range of industries.

Laser Cutting

With state-of-the-art laser cutting technologies, we’re able to cut stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and carbon with utmost precision.

Dynamic Waterjet Cutting

Using dynamic waterjet cutting machines, we can cut more accurate parts without taper, creating quality parts with near-perfect tolerances.

CNC Punching

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to fabricate parts for your application, consider our CNC punching services. Using CNC machines, we can shear angles and flat bars with high precision and accuracy, which minimizes material waste.


Our milling and turning machines offer a wide range of capabilities to produce quality parts in your desired shape.

Why Choose Evansville Sheet Metal Works?

Evansville Sheet Metal Works has been providing clients with precise, custom, and quick custom metal fabrications services since 1946. Companies trust us because of our ability to meet the most demanding timelines without compromising on quality.

With us, you get to enjoy:

Over 70 years of experience

For decades, we have worked with a wide range of metals in various industries to create quality parts that meet the stringent requirements, applications, and specifications of our clients.

Quick and efficient service

We understand the importance of timely services and strive to meet urgent deadlines, no matter how complex your design is.

Customer-first mentality

Our clients are a major reason for our success over the years. We strive to deliver services that are catered specifically to their needs. Our focus on customer satisfaction ensures we can fabricate parts that meet your expectations and demands.

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Whether you need custom hoppers, tablet counting trays, or custom or replacement parts for your manufacturing equipment, you can rely on us to turn a simple concept into real-world solutions for your pharmaceutical applications. Contact Evansville Sheet Metal Works today for all your pharmaceutical fabrication needs.

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  • ESMW supplies great materials with wonderful workmanship at competitive prices on a timely basis. I’ve purchased from them for years.

  • We’ve worked with Ken Woehler on several projects for a couple years now. Great dude. He gets stuff done, and he doesn’t mess around . . . not afraid to take on new unusual projects either. Thanks Ken!

  • Fantastic! Ordered on Wednesday. Arrived the following Tuesday as promised. Very happy with items (aluminum sheets cut to order).