Do you need machine parts or structures fabricated to keep your project moving? If so, Evansville Sheet Metal Works can help.

As leaders in custom metal fabrication, we offer tailored solutions for many different kinds of industry needs. These include:

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Process Manufacturing

Whether your project involves plastics, pharmaceuticals, or other process-manufactured items, we bring the experience you need. For plastics compounders, for example, we can make or modify waterbaths, hoppers, feed throat hoppers, pellet washers, classifiers and screens, vacuum receivers, and much more.

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Modular Manufacturing

Working with designers, engineers and end users, our team has brought together a number of modular manufacturing solutions in our facility. These solutions are highly customized, so if you’re interested, contact the professionals at Evansville Sheet Metal Works today!
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We are able to apply our knowledge in metal fabrication to large-scale art sculpture fabrications, delivering quality products. We have fabricated dozens of sculptures for museums, artists, cities, and universities around the country, and would love to help with your project.

We know the specifications and standards of one industry may not suit another. So, we customize our approach to fabricate around your unique needs, ensuring you get the best available solutions in custom metal fabrication.

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At Evansville Sheet Metal Works, we have the capabilities to meet some of the most complex industrial machining needs. Our team of qualified experts and our modern equipment and technology mean we can develop customized solutions for you.

Our commitment to quality and our extensive knowledge in custom metal fabrication sets us apart from our competitors. We’re not just a fabricator – we’re a strategic partner that works with you to find solutions that keep your project, business, or supply chain network moving.

For solutions to your fabrication needs, contact the professionals at Evansville Sheet Metal Works today!

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