Custom Metal Fabrication

Do you need metal parts or machines created for your project or business? If so, Evansville Sheet Metal Works is your best choice. We are a custom metal fabrication company that has provided quality metal fabrication services for over 70 years.

We work with companies across various industries and areas of expertise to produce high-quality custom metal products that keep your development cycle on track. With our history of craftsmanship, you can trust us to complete a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities, including laser and waterjet cutting, shearing, bending, welding and finishing.

Whether you have a simple sketch of your design or a CAD drawing, our craftsmen have the expertise to bring your vision to life. We are known as a leader within metal fabrication services and strive to produce metal parts that meet your specifications and requirements. Our top-notch services and quality are how we have grown and are why our clients keep coming back year after year.

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Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication Services from Evansville Sheet Metal Works

1. Metal fabricated specifically for your application

When you need a specific design, you should enlist the help of metal experts like us. No matter the scope of your project, our technicians can make parts specifically for your application. We understand the importance of custom metal parts and strive to fabricate metal parts that are unique to your project.

You can discuss your requirements with our team to determine your specifications. With us, you get exactly what you want for the continuity and development of your project.

2. Services from an industry leader

As an industry leader in custom metal fabrication, we have the experience and skill to fabricate metal even from basic drawings. We welcome your most complex problems. By choosing us, you get the services of skilled craftsmen, who can help you if you need extra assistance with your project.

For instance, if you aren’t sure about the material you’ll need or the thickness of the metal, you can consult with us.

3. Wide range of materials offered

We specialize in creating custom metal parts from a wide range of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper alloys.

4. Crafted with skill and attention to detail

Since the custom metal fabrication industry is highly specialized, you can have the confidence of knowing our metal fabricators are highly skilled experts. Additionally, we use advanced metal fabrication methods and high-precision tools, paying attention to detail to fabricate parts based on your specifications.

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How Does Metal Fabrication Work?

Generally, metal fabrication involves creating parts or structures from raw materials such as metal sheet, plate, angle, pipe and tubing. This process involves welding, cutting, burning, machining, and forming the materials into the shape, form, structure, or design you requested – the final product.

The metal fabrication method for your product depends on its intended purpose – and the materials used for the fabrication. Often, we may use multiple fabrication processes to create your final product.

Once you contact us, we can develop drawings and go over dimensions and specifications. This includes the type of material to use. We never go forward with your project until you’re satisfied with the specifications. Upon approval, we finalize calculations and begin the metal fabrication process.

Metal fabrication projects include anything from handrails to hoppers, and conveyors to countertops. We can also fabricate parts such as architectural and art pieces using metal fabrication processes.

Custom metal fabrication has broad applications across various industries and consumer products, and only an experienced metal fabrication company like us can employ the right processes to fabricate your final product.

Industries That We Work With

Along with fabricating high-quality metal parts, we have the capability to work with clients from any industry. However, most of our clients come from within one of a few industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • General Industrial
  • Arts and Architecture

No matter your industry, we work with you to help mitigate risks and anticipate challenges of your project. We strive to help you select the right materials and thoroughly analyze your designs and drawings to improve the overall performance of your product.

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Are you tired of poor-quality metalwork that takes forever to get? Let us provide the quality you want with the delivery you require. Custom metal fabrication can save your project time and money as you get the right parts to address your needs.

Contact Evansville Sheet Metal Works today if you want customized metal parts for your project. We can fabricate, manufacture, and modify just about anything and strive for customer satisfaction.

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  • ESMW supplies great materials with wonderful workmanship at competitive prices on a timely basis. I’ve purchased from them for years.

  • We’ve worked with Ken Woehler on several projects for a couple years now. Great dude. He gets stuff done, and he doesn’t mess around . . . not afraid to take on new unusual projects either. Thanks Ken!

  • Fantastic! Ordered on Wednesday. Arrived the following Tuesday as promised. Very happy with items (aluminum sheets cut to order).